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545 Orchard Road #05-06, Far East Shopping Centre, S'pore 238882

Contact Person : Ning / June / Desmond
Telephone No. : 6235 6905
Fax No : 6235 6945
Email : enquiry@sgmaid.com
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Name : Teresa Ragadi Salvador
Ref. Code : YG026PT26/DIR
Status : Unavailable
Nationality : Philippine
Date of Birth : (51 years)
Height : 157 cm
Weight : 56 kg
Religion : Catholic
Marital Status : Single
Children : 0 (age from 0 to 0)
Education : College / Degree (>=13 years)
Education Type : Dip in Secretary(completed)
Language :
English Good
Mandarin/Chinese-Dialect Yes
Off Days / Month : 5 or more
Expected Salary($) : $750
Start Date : 14/02/2020
Start End Date : 29/02/2020
Maid Preference / Exp. :
1. Care for Newborn (0-6 months) 1 year(s)
2. Care for Infant (7 to 24 months) 0 year(s)
3. Care for Children (2 to 10 years) 10 year(s)
4. Cooking 24 year(s)
5. Care for Elderly / Disabled 3 year(s)
* General Housekeeping is Compulsory
Other Information :
Able to handle pork? Yes
Able to eat pork? Yes
Able to care for dog/cat? Yes
Able to swim? No
Able to follow recipe book? Yes
Willing to look after elderly / bedridden? Yes
Willing to work with no off days? No
Working Experience :
Home Country 0 year(s)
Singapore 26 year(s)
Hongkong / Taiwan 0 year(s)
Other Countries 0 year(s)
Introduction Of Maid:
Teresa's working experience as a domestic helperin Singapore :
  1. 01 Jun2018to Feb 2020 - working 1 year 8 monthsfor aJapanese family of 2 working parents with1 daughter nowaged 6years in a 2-bdrm condo.Her dutiesare general housework and taking care ofthe girl. Reason for leaving -employer's wife stopped working and do not need a helper anymore.Good telephone reference is available.
  2. 28 Sep 2011to01 Jun2018- worked almost7 yearsfor a Chinese family of 2 working parents with 3 teenaged in a 3-bdrm condo. Her duties were general housework, cooking Chinese and Western meals daily, grocery shopping and washing car once weekly. Reason for leaving - finishing 2 x 3-year contracts.
  3. 16 Feb 11 to 08 Aug 11 - worked almost 6 months for same Mainland Chinese employer as (5) below. Workpermit was issued and maintained in Singapore but she was actually working for the family in Shanghai, China as they had moved there. Reason for leaving -not happy working in Shanghai and there were some visa issues there.
  4. 02 Sep09 to 16 Feb 11 - working 17 months for an Eurasian family of 2 working parents with 3 grown-up children in a2 storey landed house. Her duties were general housework, cooking Western and chinese meals daily, grocery shopping and washing car .
  5. 26 Apr 07 to 7 Jul 08 - worked 1 year and 3 months for a Mainland Chinese family of2 parents with 2 children aged10 monthsand 3 (upon leaving) in a condo. Her duties weregeneral housework, grocery shopping in wet/dry market, taking care of the 2 children (younger kid from newborn) and cooking Chinese and Shanghai meals. Reason for leaving: Employer went back to China for good.
  6. 30 Sep 04 to31 Mar07 - working 2.5 yrs for a Chinesefamily of 3 adults (bedridden employer, her husband and a grown-up son) in a HDB flat. Her duties were general housework, cooking Chinese meals daily, grocery shoppingat the supermarket, taking care of bedridden employer (tube-feeding, change diapers, bathing, accompany employer to rehabitation day care centre daily.....) until she passed away in early Feb 07. Telephone reference is still available from employer's daughter because they did not need her services anymoreafter thebedridden employerhad passed away.
  7. 5 May 93 to 30 Sep 04 - worked 11.5 yrs with a Chinese family of 2 working parents with2 sons aged14 and15 years (upon leaving) in a HDB flat. Her duties were general housework, cooking Chinese meals daily, taking care of the kids (younger one from 2.5 yrs old), walking 2 kids to/from school, washing car once a month. Maid was then transferred to employer's mother[employer #5 above]who suffered a stroke.
She can speak and understand a little Mandarin and Hokkien dialect.
Her expected salary is $750with all Sundays off and all PHs off.
She can be interviewed on Sundays and weekdays afternoonand she can be transferred anytime.

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